Real Science Dismisses the Politicized Partial Solutions for Curbing COVID-19

The world has been on a lockdown since 2020, caused by the release of recombinant coronaviruses from Wuhan, China. This respiratory disease nicknamed COVID-19, along with the improper medical interventions and malpractices, have inflicted more casualties than an atomic bomb. Yet, individuals involved in the gain of function research and funding of the labs and those who were responsible for the release of these deadly viruses, have not been held accountable in any form to prevent a similar disaster. However, unjustly normal people are paying the price, by losing their loved ones, jobs, becoming depressed, morbid, restricted, harassed and the target of questionable medications. Surprisingly, the mandates are not fully based on pure science, but rather to the benefit of a minority. In this article, the less addressed issues that are either neglected or suppressed by media and policy makers, shall be reviewed and it will be revealed how real science revokes the advertised misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19.

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