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Matt Lafleur said: «I don’t want to give too much information, but it is a long time. After the two teams have experienced a lot. We will review the game, learn from it, but There are many other videos to see, we know what should be done. This is a small challenge, they are excellent football team, all year round, we will focus on preparing, try to participate in the Sunday competition with the best state. «

Pirate coach praise the neighborhood of the team: Red District ability is extraordinary

Tampa Bay Pirate near Targe Camelon Bret is from the second half of the season, and has become the most trusted ball in the red area in the second half of the seasons. Jameis Winston. Point, he got up to 14 games last season, complete 23 battles, won 288 yards and 3 times, to know that his pass is only 30 times, which reflects his extremely efficient.

This third-year life will be expected to have more performance opportunities in the new season, and the team coach Dirk Koetter is full of praise. He said in an interview in local time: «As long as the Red District, Cameron will spooky, he continues to show this ability today.»

After the Khalil Mack, the bear defensive group was new, and the performance of the gods, once thought is one of the best alliances, but they have no way to take Ausville today. Of course, Osville has also made a lot of mistakes, but he still completed the 380-yard pass advancement of a new height of his career, helping dolphins 31-28 overtime to defeat Chicago.

He told reporters that he thought that he thought: «This is a behavior that I don’t respect it. I will be hit by him, I am not my original intention, provocate others on the court. It is not a good thing, especially every point of time. «

Austin Seferian-Jenkins, which was hoped by the team, was absent from a multi-game last season, and he was directly trained by the head because of the training attitude, because of the training attitude. Field, this also made Brett have become the most powerful candidate in the new season. The new season, Cheap Nfl Jerseys with the further growth of Mike Evans, Brett will have more airborne opportunities, if you still don’t know him, please remember him now, because the new season will Become a secret weapon for pirate offensive group.

Subsequently, the reporter asked a one-on-one situation, there should be people to prevent Randri, the reporter, including the Corner Wei Richard Sherman, Arizona Richarman, Arizona, Richard Sherman (Patrick Peterson), New England Patriots Corner Marcolm Butler, Kansas Emirates Marcus Peters, Even Den Sanders I have asked, but Landri’s answer is: «They can’t do it, because my will tell me that I will not let them prevent me.»

At that time, the packaging workers were 8-2, 49 people recorded 9-1, which would be a competition that is a strong enemy. However, Lavlo’s packaging worker shizes the ball, released 5 kills, and the defensive group is difficult to resist the advancement of the opponent.

Jevis — Randri: It is still not born to prevent my corner.

Miami Dolphin’s External Threaded Jarvis Landry does not seem to lack confidence. As his team entered the playoff, and his outstanding play, Randri made a confident answer when he was interviewed.

Michel Trubisky has a good performance, and 31 passes are completed 22 times, and the 316 yards are promoted, reaching 3 times, being copied once. However, the defensive group is not good as above, and several leaks, Albert Wilson, is therefore benefiting, and completed 155 yards. Board Mike can complete at least once each game, causing a ball to transform, but there is no harvest today.

Matt — Patrimia will return to the new England Patriot Coach Group

US time on Friday, according to ESPN reporters, in November of November, Matt Patricia will return to the front of the new England Patriot.

[Event Review] 1 code line before mutual delivery, dolphins plus time to win the courage

Beijing October 15th, most people don’t look at dolphins, nor Wikibase2.Digicult-verbund.De is it a four-point guardian, BROCK OSWEILER. However, rugby is a movement that faces face.

Packaging worker: lost 49 people a long time ago

In the 12th week of the regular season, the package workers 8-37 away were defeated 49 people in San Francisco. But the past experience does not affect the preparation of the package.

In the 2012-2017 season, Patrimia served as a patriot defensive coordinator, and the team won two super bowls. After he got off the team, Belipk did not let other people serve as this position, but last season, Belipk made their son to defensive tactical arrangements.

By the way, the map is that the bear player will take the way to take over the Danny Amendola to make a move to WWE. This defense, of course, has also been made by a malicious to take the player (Roughing The Catcher).

In this game, the two teams seem to have forgotten how to score, and the bear team delivers the ball twice in the Red District, including a 1 yard line to fall, but the dolphin is also «politely» on the other side Ball, this kind of spirit that you come, I hope you don’t learn. However, the bear team only used this ball to achieve three points, and time enough dolphins were promoted to the range, they did flatten the score, and dragged the game into the time, then achieved victory.

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